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Welcome to our website

The goal of our website is facilitating an informed and active membership by providing communication and resources to the local for the local. This website contains information about local E-Board meetings, current events and member resources. Thanks for visiting our site!

Contract negotiations will be starting again the first quarter of 2017

AFSCME MLK Event Opportunity
AFSCME MLK Event Opportunity (Pdf)

For details on Union history click these links, you may need a Powerpoint/Word viewer:
Part1 of Labor Union History (Pdf)

Part2 of Labor Union History (Doc)

Part3 of Labor Union History (Powerpoint)

Part4 of Labor Union History (Doc)

Part5 of Labor Union History (Doc)

Watch the YouTube video on Universal Health Care
Click here for the YouTube clip on Universal Health Care


Message to our members

A State of the Union message to our members from

-LaRece Rivera, President

President's message to the members will be posted here soon!